Digital Strategy of the Federal Government

Press statement of the German AI Association on the digital strategy, 08.07.2022

Unfortunately, the current draft of the digital strategy is not yet the big hit we had hoped for. In many areas, it seems more like “a little more of the previous tools” and is divided into many individual measures whose coordination is not ensured.

Some important building blocks have already been successfully launched, such as the start-up strategy and the SPRIND and Dati agencies, although it is to be hoped that the latter will be provided with sufficient financial resources and the necessary accompanying structures as soon as possible.

With regard to digital sovereignty, concrete measures are lacking. Taking into account the current developments in Russia, China and the increasing threat to democracy in the US, it becomes clear how important it is to have our own core digital technologies and services. Otherwise, we may be in the same situation today in the area of digital infrastructure as well as with our dependence on Russian gas. We need a concrete roadmap here. Clear metrics and targets are still lacking, leaving results open to interpretation.

For the implementation of an overarching strategy, clear, defined lighthouse projects are needed that serve as a guideline and catalyst for all further activities and are coordinated and managed in an agile manner in a joint initiative of the federal government, the Länder, business and society. “Pulling together in a coordinated manner” must not remain a “challenge” at the state secretary level, but rather the definition and implementation of the strategy and the moonshot projects must be ensured via a body at the highest level equipped with the appropriate powers.

Only in this way can the overdue digitisation of the country gain momentum, and economic competitiveness and sovereignty be ensured.

Press contact:
Vanessa Cann
Managing Director German AI Association