Membership Form AI Company

    Part 1 of 3: Company Details

    For which company are you applying?

    Name a primary contact for your German AI Association membership:

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    Part 2 of 3: Membership fee

    We invoice our membership fees in January for the entire calendar year. In doing so, the invoice is sent to the invoice recipient by e-mail.
    If you join during the year, the first invoice will be issued shortly after admission. Here, too, the full annual membership fee is due. There is no admission fee.

    What is your billing address?

    What are your bank details for membership fees?

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    The SEPA direct debit scheme is mandatory. As a lean association, it enables us to organize our accounting efficiently.

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    Part 3 of 3: Application Questionnaire

    To verify that your company meets our membership criteria, we need the following information:

    In which working group would you like to participate in the German AI Association. (multiple possible)

    How did you find out about us?

    Please upload your logo here to be displayed in our member database. Dimensions: 400px x 400px. Background: White, black or transparent. Max. 20mb, jpg, jpeg or png.

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