Position Paper on the EU AI Act: Remaining Issues and Current Discussions

Our Position

March 2023

Read our full position paper about the latest developments concerning the European AI Act


In its current form, the European Artificial Intelligence Act (EU AI Act) will seriously negatively affect the European AI ecosystem and potentially result in a competitive disadvantage, particularly to U.S. and Chinese competitors. With this position paper, the German AI Association aims to highlight the existing issues in the AI Act and propose amendments that address these issues.

An exclusion of General Purpose AI and Large Language Models or at least from a categorical classification of such models as high-risk use cases is necessary. Furthermore, we call for a reevaluation of the current requirements that classify AI systems as high-risk use cases, protection and promotion of European investments in Large Language Models and Multimodal Models, and a clarification of vague definitions and chosen wordings.

The German AI Association urges the Members of the European Parliament to construct a regulatory framework that will eliminate those legal uncertainties and bureaucratic hurdles for SMEs and start-ups, and that will help foster an innovative, future-proof environment for the European AI Ecosystem.