Press release of the German AI Association on the cabinet decision of the Startup Strategy of the Federal Government

Press Statement of the KI Bundesverband on the Startup Strategy, 27.7.2022

Jörg Bienert, Chairman of the German AI Association, on the cabinet’s decision on the Startup Strategy:
“With its Startup Strategy, the Federal Government has presented a comprehensive plan of action for strengthening entrepreneurship in Germany and the startup culture. It is now important that these activities are implemented promptly and consistently and that the financial resources are made available. Unfortunately, the paper published today does not include a concrete timetable for this.

We welcome the fact that we have found some of the points that we have actively we have actively introduced into the public discussion, such as the AI voucher for SMEs. The vouchers enable SMEs to receive a subsidy for an AI project as long as they commission a German company with it. This lowers the financial risk for SMEs and broadens the understanding of AI-based solutions in the SME sector.
Expanding funding opportunities for young tech companies, putting a special focus on startups in building the Data Institute and facilitating talent acquisition are other key components that will support startups in Germany in the founding and growth phase.”

Dr Vanessa Just, board member of the AI Bundesverband, adds:
“With climate change, we are facing the greatest challenge of our time. We will only counteract warming with the help of technology. We very much welcome the fact that the German government recognises the potential of DeepTech for sustainability in its Startup Strategy. With the DeepTech and Climate Fund, it must be ensured that the awarding of funding is focused on sustainable projects that protect the climate in the long term. Accordingly, a transparent evaluation and rewarding of the contribution of projects to the two-degree target is also important.

At the same time, we see a need for further improvement in the strengthening of spin-offs from science and transfer. Merely promoting economic thinking in universities through entrepreneurship programmes, as envisaged by the Federal Government in its Startup Strategy, will not be sufficient. Additional transfer centres at universities are needed to improve the application of research results in companies and especially SMEs.”

Jörg Bienert, chairman of the German AI Association, adds:
“However, if the startup strategy is implemented consistently, we see the way paved to strengthen Germany as a startup location and to give startups the opportunity to realise their potential as drivers of innovation and growth.”