German AI Association and Joint European Disruptive Initiative partner for European digital Sovereignty

The KI Bundesverband (German AI Association) and the Joint European Disruptive Initiative (JEDI), the European ARPA, signed a strategic partnership to drive innovation in Artificial Intelligence to promote European digital sovereignty and a democracy-supporting digital ecosystem. 

The collaboration includes joint efforts to develop Large European AI Models (LEAM), participation of KI Bundesverband in JEDI’s Moonshot Committees (scientific working groups), and JEDI GrandChallenges, in particular on AI for Climate and AI for Healthcare. Both organizations are committed to raising awareness of the major societal impact of AI for Europe and European citizens.  

To this end, Ms. Vanessa Cann, Executive Director of KI Bundesverband, said, “Collaborating with JEDI is the next logical step for us. We expect this collaboration to further strengthen our position in the European AI ecosystem. JEDI’s expertise and large network will be of direct benefit to several of our initiatives, such as LEAM. We are sure that this collaboration will bring us one step closer to our goal of AI developed in Europe and based on European values being widely applied.”

Mr. André Loesekrug-Pietri, Chairman of JEDI, stated, “We are looking forward to this promising collaboration with the KI Bundesverband. They represent a strong and diverse group of innovators driving AI in Germany.” He added, “Our first JEDI GrandChallenge already focused on using AI for drug discovery against Covid19. This partnership will add strong value to our upcoming AI-related GrandChallenges, including our Democracy 2.0 Challenge and our AI & Climate Challenge.”