Investment network

Without investors, many innovative AI solutions cannot be realised. In order to use the full potential of the German AI ecosystem, we need courageous investments and companies that dare to think big. This is the reason why investors are important network partners of the German AI Association.

Our investment network is aimed at investors who have a proven track record of investing in AI companies and focus on AI technology. The association serves as a platform for investors and companies to share experiences, learn from each other and cooperate.

Jasper Masemann

Head Investment network

Partner HV Capital

Access to Germany’s best AI companies

As part of our community, you’ll get to know and understand the AI ecosystem in Germany.

In our working & regional groups you can network with AI companies in their industry & region.

Information & knowledge about AI technologies

You can discover innovative AI companies.

You stay up to date on the latest developments in the field of AI.

Our management and board will regularly inform you about participation opportunities.

Visibility in the AI ecosystem & increase your reach.

You make our community aware of your fund & show your interest in investing in innovative AI companies.

You’ll be listed as an investor on our website, strengthen your branding & benefit from the association’s reach.

These investors are part of our network

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