Board of Directors

The board of the German AI Association is composed of entrepreneurs who work on a voluntary basis to represent the interests of our members. The board is at the head of the association and represents it together with the management in public.

Jörg Bienert

Chief Executive Officer

Jörg Bienert is Partner and CPO of Alexander Thamm GmbH, Germany’s leading company for Data Science and AI. After studying technical computer science and holding several positions in the IT industry, he founded ParStream, a Big Data startup based in Silicon Valley, which was acquired by Cisco in 2015.

Jörg Bienert is a founding member and chairman of the German AI Association.

Nicole Formica-Schiller

Board member

Nicole Formica-Schiller is founder and CEO of Pamanicor Health AG, one of the first global boutique advisory firms applying the promise of transformative technologies such as AI and Blockchain with Life Sciences innovation for sustainable healthcare. Combined with Private Equity, Policy, and Regulation expertise.

An international expert and book author, she is known for her ability to translate complex digital trends of tomorrow into use cases of today. Including socio- and geopolitical, policy as well as economic impacts on institutions, societies, and markets.

Nicole Formica-Schiller is at KI Bundesverband also Co-Head of the Steering Committee “EU AI Regulation”, Advisor to the Task Force “AI & Health” and sits on the Bavarian State Board as Spokesperson.

Prior to founding the company, she worked in London, Kuala Lumpur, Germany, Hong Kong, Moscow, Switzerland, among others, for well-known companies at the intersection of digital, politics and business.

Dr. Vanessa Just

Board Member

Dr. Vanessa Just is founder and CEO of juS.TECH AG, a growing start-up for sustainability in digitalization. She holds a PhD in sustainable automation and digitalization of business processes. In addition to her professional activities, she lectures at various German colleges and universities, including in Data Analytics & AI at ISM Hamburg, and is an editor at Springer Verlag.

Dr. Vanessa Just is head of the regional groups North and North-West in the German AI Association, particularly active in the working group Climate & Sustainability.

Dr.-Ing. Sven J. Körner

Board Member

Dr. Sven Körner is an award-winning researcher in cognitive/semantic computing and an expert in the field of artificial intelligence, focusing on natural language processing and semantics. He is also a cloud expert and an early adopter of new technologies.

He holds a PhD in computer science and is the co-founder and creative mind behind thingsTHINKING, where he and his team give computers common sense.

Dr. Sven Körner is head of the Baden-Württemberg regional group and also initiator of the project

Dr. Rasmus Rothe

Board member

Dr. Rasmus Rothe is an internationally recognized AI and computer vision expert as well as co-founder and CTO of the venture studio Merantix, which transfers AI research into business applications. With Merantix , startup teams can work on AI applications, creating and benefiting from a unique ecosystem.

Rasmus Rothe has been a founding member and board member of the German AI Assocation since March 16, 2018. His responsibilities include technological issues, political work and association development.