Membership Form Investor

    Part 1 of 3: Investor details

    Name one main contact person for the participation in the German AI Association:

    If applicable, for which investment company are you applying?

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    Part 2 of 3: Investment details

    To get a better understanding of your investment activities, we need some more information from you.

    What is the fund size

    What is the average ticket size?

    In which phases are investments primarily made?

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    Part 3 of 3: Application Questionnaire

    In order to verify that an investor meets our admission requirements, we need the following information:

    What percentage of the portfolio consists of AI companies?

    How much capital has been invested in AI companies so far?

    OPTIONAL: Which AI companies were invested in specifically?

    Where does your expertise lie in the field of artificial intelligence?

    How did you find out about us?

    Please upload your logo here to be displayed in our member database. Dimensions: 400px x 400px. Background: White, black or transparent. Max. 20mb, jpg, jpeg or png.

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