Position Paper on the EU AI Act

Just over two years after the European Commission presented its initial proposal in April 2021, the EU Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act is entering the final stage of the EU legislative process: the inter-institutional trilogue negotiations between the Commission, the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament.   Over the past years, the German […]

Position Paper on the EU AI Act: Remaining Issues and Current Discussions

Our Position March 2023 Read our full position paper about the latest developments concerning the European AI Act Read the position papaer here Summary In its current form, the European Artificial Intelligence Act (EU AI Act) will seriously negatively affect the European AI ecosystem and potentially result in a competitive disadvantage, particularly to U.S. and […]

AI Act Impact Survey

We talk about high-tech startups. The innovation engine of our economy that works on the latest technologies with AI experts as employees.  • We voluntarily limit Europe’s innovative power by introducing the AI Act in its current state. If we decide on doing this, we need to think about substantial support in parallel. • Other […]

Statement of the KI Bundesverband on the revision of the Data Strategy 2021

Berlin, 04.11.2022 1) What are your expectations for (further) development? We welcome the Federal Government’s implementation of the data strategy to date. Even though progress is being registered in important areas, it must nevertheless be noted that implementation is progressing more slowly than expected. The establishment of data laboratories in the federal ministries, for example, […]

Statement of the KI Bundesverband on the launch of the Data Institute

Berlin, 04.11.2022 1) What is the objective of the Data Institute? There is already plenty of data in the current ecosystem, but it is neither centrally collected and made accessible, nor is data usage cooperation between companies actively incentivized. This leads to the fact that a large part of all available data is not used […]

Statement by Daniel Abbou on the AI Act (Hearing in the Digital Committee)

Written statement by Daniel Abbou, Managing Director KI Bundesverband e.V. For the hearing of the Committee on Digital Affairs to be held on 26.09.2022 on the EU Regulation on Artificial Intelligence including Competitiveness in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology. On 21 April 2021, the European Commission presented the so-called European AI Act to regulate the […]

Digital Strategy of the Federal Government

Press statement of the German AI Association on the digital strategy, 08.07.2022 Unfortunately, the current draft of the digital strategy is not yet the big hit we had hoped for. In many areas, it seems more like “a little more of the previous tools” and is divided into many individual measures whose coordination is not […]

OpenGPT-X is online

Our collaborative project OpenGPT-X is online!  Follow the progress of an exciting new project that sees key players from science, technology and industry team up to create large AI language models in and for Europe. View the website! Follow Open GPT-X on: LinkedInTwitter

The Technische Hochschule Deggendorf and the German AI Association start cooperation within the framework of the Academy for Artificial Intelligence

Berlin, 2 May 2022 In order to promote their common interests in teaching, research and transfer and the desire to strengthen mutual contacts, the Technische Hochschule Deggendorf (THD) and the KI Bundesverband have signed a declaration of joint cooperation. Within this cooperation, the KI Bundesverband is represented by the Academy for Artificial Intelligence (AKI). Artificial […]